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How do I choose the best dance program for my event?
Each event is unique. Elegant or edgy, for small groups or for hundreds of people, traditional or modern. We can cater to your costume and music needs. Please browse our shows or contact us for help.
How do I choose between Fire Dance companies?
Consider the quality of videos and photos in the gallery. If there are clearly different videos recorded at different locations and events, it might be a guarantee that they have had several satisfied customers. Costumes often reveal if the show is a demanding, thoughtful and quality production. It is important that the choice of music try to meet the difference of the audience both in taste and age by being well structured and building up harmoniously as well as keeping up a fair diversity. You might want to choose firedancers who have experience in performing arts. There both are ones who are enthusiastic but lacking in technique and ones who have high technical skills but work with low energy of stage presence. In between, you can find those performers who seek even the most subtle vibrations of the audience and can make artistic decisions within seconds according to the momentary needs – here a little interaction, a small dance move there, a bit more dangerous or difficult jugglery or a routine with the partner which strengthens the connection between performers. An experienced performer would never make a show only for their own entertainment. If you take a close look at the facial expressions of the audience seen in the videos, you might easily decide who you want to work with. Don’t hesitate to contact us and request offer if you like aSerduS Company.
How much does a Fire performance Cost?
We offer competative price packages which range from 280 to 900,000 EUR. This is dependant upon the number of performers the duration of the show and the special effects and pyrotechnic materials.
Do you need complete darkness for the show?
Sunset is the prime time for one of our fire performances. A combination of natural and stage lighting will be tailored to suit for fire dance show. Complete darkness is not recommended.
Can I have a fire dance performance indoors?
Our Fire dance programs are available both indoors and outdoors. If inside, a minimum ceiling height of 5 meters and continuous ventilation are required. To prevent flase alarms, it is important that the smoke detectors and fire alarms are turned off during the program and for at least fifteen minutes after the performance.
What area is needed?
If the performance is outside, at least 7m X 7m. In the case of a built stage, the height of the stage should be at least 5m.
Can fire shows take place in winter time?
Yes. Our programs are suitable all year round. New Year's Eve, Christmas time, Summer Festivals etc.
How long is a performance?
Our programs range from 10 to 30 minutes. The recommended time is 20-25 minutes. The shorter 10-15 minutes fiery program is recommended with 1-2 performers. A performance of 30 minutes or longer will naturally include more materials and effects be complemented with other productions, such as magic or live music, to avoid becoming monotone. Background fire performance of 1000-1500 people, the performance will last 90 minutes. In this case, 4 jugglers work alternately to keep the flaming juggling props running Customer satisfaction is paramount to our team, so We endeavour to meet our customers individual needs, so please contact us for a consultation.
Do I have to provide sound technology?
In all cases, our Fire-shows and background fire performances are accompanied by music via a quality sound system. The sound system’s volume and quality should be appropriate for the dancers and for the audience. We need at least 2 speakers that can be synchronized with each other! In case of inappropriate sound technology, we cannot implement the program under the terms of the contract. If required, we offer a rental service for the necessary sound and lighting for the show.In all cases we bring our music for the show in Mp3 format on a pendrive.
What kind of music do the Fire dancers work on?
The standard aSerduS Firedance performances are based on a musical composition in which all members of the audience find their favorite genre (such as big rock hits, electroswing, ethnopop or worldmusic). If you want a unique performance then you can choose from styles below: · ASerduS FireShow (electroswing, alternative rock, underground, popular) · FolkFire (Folk, Balkan, Eastern and World Music) Rock Legends With Fire (Hard Rock, Alternative Rock) · Boogie night (retro, 80's 90's hits) · Live music co-production with individual musicians and bands (folk, pop and military bands)
Are fire juggler working with real fire?
Yes. We often hear suggestions that we are working with fake fire. After hundreds of hours of practice we are confident in working with 100% real flames!
What materials are used?
Pure petroleum, lycopod (bran), titanium powder, black powder KNO3 (spark fountain), stain gasoline, alkones. After dipping, the props are thoroughly degassed, so they do not splash. Fire extinguishers are on standby at all times in case of an emergency.
Is a fire dance performance safe from a fire protection point of view?
Alongside years of experience and the use and the precautions of extinguishers, we ensure the safety of our performers and audiences. It is important, however, that the customer meets the requirements indicated in the technical specifications regarding venue parameters. Our company leaders hold fire safety certification accordingly.