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Light and LED Show

This indoor show uses programmable light and hologram techniques to display spectacular images and lighting patterns.
A company logo defines the identity of the business.It is important that on a corporate event, the name and logo of the company get special attention. In our show, any image, logo and company name can be displayed with special 3D light technology.
The human eye is capable of displaying the light points drawn by the moving device in the brain, as an image of the patterns, thus forming a small film for us. For this reason, camera recording does not reflect the real view so within Budapest and Pest County we can offer a preview to the interested customers within the framework of a personal meeting."

TIME: 12 minutes or 2-3 minutes in breakdowns

Additional design elements that can be ordered to the performance:

  • Stilt
  • Pyrotechnic, fireworks effects
  • Visual 3-dimensional monogram, number, short inscription
  • Sound and light technology

Recommended events:

  • rock festival,
  • corporate events,
  • hotels, restaurants,
  • village day, community events
  • theater, film productions,
  • bachelor party program,
  • birthday
  • wedding
  • surprise show
  • guest hosting,
  • gala dinners,

Technical requirements of the fireshow


  • Minimum 6m X 7m obstacle free and non-slippery area.
  • Start of the show is recommended at sunset.
  • We advise to use outdoor lightings or other light sources, complete darkness is not recommended.

Please ask us for more details.


  • Minimum 4m X 4m obstacle free and non-slippery area.
  • Minimum inside height of 3 m.
  • Continuous ventilation, exhaust system activation.
  • Turn off fire alarms and smoke detectors during the performance and for the next 15 minutes.

Sound system requirements
The sound system’s volume and quality should be appropriate for the dancers and for the audience. We need at least 2 speakers that can be synchronized with each other! In case of inappropriate sound technology, we cannot implement the program under the terms of the contract. If required, we offer a rental service for the necessary sound and lighting for the show. In all cases we bring our music for the show in Mp3 format on a pendrive.

Dressing room
A lockable, mirrored, in winter time heated room, which can be occupied 2 hours before the show.

Safety and environment

We are Certified Fire Protection Specialist and pyrotechnique operators.
We use special and professional pyrotechnics in our program, avoiding scary sound effects and environmentally damaging substances so it is a pet and environment friendly performance.